Transfer Roller

Model: ATR275, ATR300

The Aitchison Transfer Roller uses a unique weight transfer system to increase and decrease downwards pressure on the roller. The tractor weight can be transferred to the roller increasing the downward pressure on a relatively small footprint. The ability to transfer the weight from tractor to the roller greatly increases its effectiveness.



Transfer Roller Details

  • The Transfer roller is easy to transport on the 3Pt linkage arms. It has an operating width of 2.75m to 3.00m and an overall road transport width of 3.00m to 3.35m. The roller itself weighs about 950kg and can be filled (via the fill points) with water, adding up to an additional 1 tonne of weight.
  • An additional 3 Tonne of weight can be transferred from the tractor to the Transfer roller so that the total down pressure can be up to 5 Tonne with only a 600mm roller diameter. The equivalent water filled roller would have a diameter of around 1500mm with a very large footprint.
  • The Aitchison Transfer Roller is simple and yet clever. The hydraulic ram pushes the roller backward at the top end. Because the roller is held at the three point linkage at the bottom we get a pivoting action. This lifts the tractor up and the roller folds towards the tractor wheels. A large leaf spring ensures that the roller is kept in the correct operating position.
  • The Transfer Roller has very heavy duty bearings and a scraper bar at the top that removes soil clumps.
  • The outside parking legs can be moved up so that the operator can see the outside edge of the Transfer roller whilst in operation.
  • The roller is made of extruded 12mm steel so there is no seam and the tolerance between roller and scraper bar can be kept to a minimum.
  • The Aitchison Transfer roller is a cleverly designed piece of machinery that makes the job of rolling pastures or laneways very easy.
  • Machine is 3 point linkage mounted with hydraulic top link supplied as standard.
Specifications ATR – 275 ATR – 300
Working Width: 2.75m (9ft 2″) 3.0m (9ft 10″)
Transport Width: 3.0m (10ft) 3.35m (11 ft)
Roller Diameter: 600mm (23″) 600mm (23″)
Bearings: 75mm (3″) 75mm (3″)
Weight Dry: 945kg (1422lbs) 1025kg (2260lbs)
Weight Wet: 1919kg (4231lbs) 2075kg (4575lbs)
Tractor HP: 4WD: 80 – 150HP 4WD: 100HP plus


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