Established in 1970, the Aitchison brand has been around for more than 50 years. It is synonymous with innovation in environmentally sustainable zero tillage seeding and soil management equipment.

Aitchison has claimed many “firsts” for the introduction of new no-tillage technologies that have greatly helped farmers become more effective and efficient in the quest for healthy and productive soil.   

The company is best known for its Grassfarmer® and Seedmatic® no-tillage seed drills which feature a range of tine and disc models originally introduced specifically as highly effective pasture renovation tools. Such is the versatility of this extensive drill range with its unique Aitchison sponge seeding system that is now effectively used to sow everything from cereals to lucerne and brassicas.  The gentle and accurate sponge distribution system has become the go-to for farmers applying regenerative seed mixes to their pastures.

The now famous Aitchison inverted T-boot opener has evolved from its original design in the early years of the company’s inception by founder Peter Aitchison in combination with Massey University.   It is still regarded as a benchmark for seeding results in just about any seeding environment.  

Today, our seed slot opener has evolved to dramatically reduce damage to soil structures and help reduce carbon emissions.

This modern technology is used on the Grassfarmer® and Seedmatic® seed drills, and the highly sophisticated AirPro® range of professional drills as well as the small seed drills for orchards and vineyards.