On behalf of the above dealership, I hereby state:

    1. This is a new machine and has been checked by our personnel prior to delivery to be in a safe working condition.
    2. I have read and am fully conversant with the Instruction Manual appropriate to this machine.
    3. I have supplied the owner with an Instruction Manual and explained the safety aspects of the machine’s operation.
      have shown the owner the service points of the machine and explained other maintenance procedures.
    4. I will arrange to return this form to Reese Engineering Ltd for registration as soon as practicable.
    5. I have shown the owner the warranty terms detailed in the appropriate Instruction Manual.

    I hereby acknowledge:

    1. I have received and accepted delivery of the machine listed above.
    2. The dealer has supplied an Instruction Manual with the machine and discussed the sections on safety with me, clarifying any points as necessary.
    3. I have been shown and understand the warranty terms as set out in the Instruction Manual.
    4. have been instructed and understand the application, limitations and capacities that the machine has been designed for.
    5. I am clear as to the principles of safe operation of this machine and accept responsibility to ensure that any person operating this machine is properly instructed in these matters.
    6. Should the ownership of this machine pass from me, I undertake to pass responsibility for the above matters on to the new owner.