AIRPRO 8132DE 4.0M Air Seeder. Make an offer!!! Clearance

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🌱 Advanced Technology, Unmatched Performance!

Make an offer!!! Clearance

- No. of Rows: 32

- Sowing Width: 4.0m

- Row Spacing: 125mm (5”)

- Heavy-Duty Concave Disc Openers: Perfect for extreme stone or rocky terrain, Kikuyu, and high crop residue situations like maize stubble.

- Independent Contour Following: Spring-mounted concave discs with 120mm travel ensure each disc independently follows the land contours.

- Two Rank Stagger: Achieve superior residual matter clearance with a narrow 125mm row spacing.

- Finger Tine Harrow: Ensures seed coverage before Rubber Packer Wheels consolidate the soil.

- Floating Three-Piece Chassis: Unmatched contour-following abilities for optimal planting.

🚜 Specifications:

- Overall Width (Sowing): 4.55m

- Overall Width (Transport): 2.8m

- Overall Height (Sowing): 2.20m

- Overall Height (Transport): 3.8m

- Overall Length (Sowing): 8.0m

- Overall Length (Transport): 6.8m

- Weight Empty: 4300kg

- Fertiliser Hopper Capacity: 1500ltr

- Seed Hopper Capacity: 1000ltr

- Electric Drive System: Standard

- Coulter Disc Bar Assembly: Standard

- Rear Rubber Tyre Rollers: Standard

- Small Seed/Granule Box: Optional (factory fitted)

- Working Speed: 6-15 km/h

- Min Tractor HP Requirement: 130 hp

🌾 Proven European Air Distribution System:

- Consistent and accurate seed placement.

- Independent hydraulic fan drives for precise air pressure.

- European Accord-style dispensing system for accurate sowing rates, ideal for small seeds.

πŸš€ Advanced Electronic Drive System:

- Easy calibration and on-the-move adjustment.

- Monitor displays area covered, kg/ha, load on motors, ground speed, ha/hour, low bin level, fan RPM, seed rate range, alarms, downloadable job records.

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