AIRPRO 8140CE 6.0M Air Seeder

Model: AIRPRO 8140CE

Results every time, with this versatile, larger coverage and higher capacity machine. Sow the seeds of success the Aitchison zero-tillage way.



AIRPRO 8140CE 6.0M Air Seeder Details

  • The Airpro 8140CE utilises the well proven Aitchison inverted “T” boot mounted on the same coil spring as the hugely successful Seedmatic seed drill.  Designed to cut through residual plant matter ahead of the inverted “T” boot, the disc coulter undercarriage assembly is standard equipment on all Airpros.  And with 40 rows spaced at 150mm gaps and a 400mm stagger of seeding rows gives this drill superior residual matter clearance.
  • Floating three-piece chassis design creates great contour following abilities unmatched by any other large drill on the market today.  With a sowing width of 6.0 metres and a transport width of 2.9 metres this machine can be moved very easily.
  • Airpros are equipped with a proven European air distribution system for consistent and accurate seed placement. Independent hydraulic fan drives ensure the right air pressure for seed or fertiliser, and the European Accord-style dispensing system is simple and sowing rates can be set very accurately, ideal for small seeds.
  • The electronic drive system is easy to calibrate and the application rate can be altered on the move. The monitor shows area covered, kg/ha, load on the motors, ground speed, ha/hour, low bin level, fan RPM, seed rate range, alarms, downloadable job records.
No. of Rows 40
Sowing width 6.0m
Row spacing 150mm (6”)
No. of tines 40
Overall width 6.15m(sowing) 2.90m(transport)
Overall height 2.20m(sowing) 4.00m(transport)
Overall length 8.15m(sowing) 6.80m(transport)
Weight empty 4400kg
Fertiliser hopper capacity 1500ltr
Seed hopper capacity 1000ltr
Electric drive system Standard
Coulter disc bar assembly Standard
Rear rubber tyre rollers Standard
Small seed / granule box Optional (factory fitted)
Working Speed 6-15km/h
Min tractor hp requirement 140 hp
Opener stagger 400 mm


Fertiliser Hopper Capacity
Overall Width
6.00m(sowing) 2.90m(transport)
Row Widths
Seed Hopper Capacity
Sowing Width
6 meters
Transport Width Overall
2.9 meters

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