Aitchison Turf Drill

Model: AMD-TMD16, AMD-TMD24

DRILL TODAY AND PLAY TOMORROW –  with the Aitchison Turf Drill.  The combination of the angled disc coulter and specialised seed tube lifts and moves the soil in a wavelike motion which reduces soil compaction and aerates the soil.


Aitchison Turf Drill Details

  • Aitchison Turf Drills are true direct drills. The single disc and boot opener creates a narrow slit and places the seed at a precise predetermined depth via depth rings fitted to the discs.
  • Unique features allow for ‘drill today ‘ play tomorrow’ options for playing fields. The seeds are lodged in the slot and rolled shut with the heavy cast press wheels. No other drill can make this claim.
  • Fitted with heavy duty tyres for easy road transport.
  • Large double seedbox with the unique Aitchison sponge seed feed mechanism to sow all seed. Very accurate, infinitely variable ‘gearbox’ allows for sowing rates as low as 1kg/ha and up to 350kg/ha (0.9lb/acre and up to 311lb/acre) with single lever operation. Coefficient of variation of +/- 5%.
  • Fertiliser box option. Unique roller fertiliser system handles all fertilisers including damp product. In addition it is able to sow seeds such as rye grasses down to 8kg/ha (7.1 lbs/acre). The fertiliser distribution system uses exactly the same gearbox system as the Seedbox so it is infinitely variable.
  • Row widths at only 75mm (3”), close set for dense sward regeneration. No problem to cross drill.
  • Angled discs move the turf in a wave like action, slicing and breaking the roots of existing plant material. This stimulates new and invigorated root growth and a thicker sward.
  • Minimum soil disturbance and maximum moisture retention.
Aitchison Turf Drill
Specifications AMD-TMD16 AMD-TMD24
No of Discs 16 24
Row Spacing 75 mm / 3 in 75 mm / 3 in
Sowing Width 1.2 m 1.8 m
Overall Width 1.5 m 2.0 m
Overall Height 1850 mm 1850 mm
Overall Length 3050 mm 4150 mm
Weight Empty 1650 kg 2500 kg
Tyre Size 15.3 x 10.5 x 12 15.3 x 10.5 x 12
Seed Hopper Capacity 350 ltr 480 ltr
Hectare/acre meter standard standard

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