Earthquaker Aerator

Model: ST64, ST65, ST84, ST85

The Aitchison Subtill Earthquaker is an innovative implement which relieves compaction, aerates, conditions and cultivates the soil. It can function as a power harrow, disc chisel plough or harrow. It can save time, fuel and fertiliser. Subtill Earthquaker is an essential tool for all farmers who care for their greatest asset – THE SOIL.


Earthquaker Aerator Details

  • Soil compaction and poor drainage in both arable and grassland can dramatically affect production yields. Pressure from livestock grazing closes the soils natural pores causing soil density to increase. A barrier or “pan” builds up between 75mm (3″) and 300mm (12″) below the soil surface. This impenetrable layer restricts infiltration of rain water, limits the availability of oxygen in the soil and dramatically restricts root development.
  • The Earthquaker is designed to give the soil a “lift” by fracturing stiff compacted soils. This process encourages oxygen penetration for optimum plant root development and micro-organism activity, along with better water percolation. The end result is a more productive and healthy soil.
  • Available in 1.83 metre (6 foot) and 2.44 metre (8 foot) double rank (bar) models along with a choice of parabolic or straight leg, disc coulter, choice of point, blade and wing combinations and a rear roller.
  • Contact your local Dealer to discuss the best combination for your conditions and tractor size.
Earthquaker Model  ST64 ST65 ST84 ST85
Frame Width            1.83m (6ft)        2.44m (8ft)
Frame Length            1.10m        1.10m
Approximate weight (with roller)            450kg        550kg
Frame Width Including Roller            2.22m        2.90m
Frame Length Including Roller            2.27m        1.85m
Disc Coulter 350mm (14”)            Included        Included
Tine Options Straight Leg Parabolic Leg Straight Leg Parabolic Leg
No of Tines and Discs 3/4/5 3/4/5 5/6/7 5/6/7
20mm Tine Shear Bolt            ✓         ✓
Ni-Hard toe & wing tip           ✓         ✓

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ST64, ST65, ST84, ST85
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