BALEBUG Bale Feeder

Model: ABB-T2000

Agrispred BaleBug® is the versatile, superior, compact feeder that takes the hassle out of bale feeding every time.


BALEBUG Bale Feeder Details

The BaleBug® includes a host of features that set the benchmark for bale feeders today. It can be towed by small tractors or other vehicles leaving a minimal environmental as well as soil footprint.

The specially designed PLC unit is the heart of the BaleBug® and controls all hydraulic functions. Your Agrispred BaleBug® is a smart choice that should provide many years of trouble-free use on the farm.

Agrispred® BaleBug® features include:

  • Large table
  • Heavier 5 tonne conveyor chain
  • Left and right feeding
  • Full remote control function
  • Galvanized frame
  • Plastic guarding
  • A powerful, reliable 14hp engine
  • Grippy 8ply tyres
  • Two bale capacity
  • Low centre of gravity
  • Easy to use
Product Description BALEBUG® bale feeder
Model ABB-T2000
Engine Kohler 14hp petrol electric start
Capacity 2 Bales/ up to 2 Ton total
Drive Hydraulic
Hydraulic oil capacity 22 litres
Control PLC unit & wireless remote
Height 1.9m (with forks up)
Width 2.2m
Length 3.3m (with forks up)
Weight 670kg
Finish Galvanized

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