BIG EASY 3 point link Bale Feeder

Model: ABF-2000

The Agrispred® BIG EASY 3 point linkage Bale feeder is revolutionary in its self-loading compact design.

Big Easy Galv 3 point linkage.1Big Easy Galv 3 point linkage.1

BIG EASY 3 point link Bale Feeder Details

This Bale feeder is able to load itself without any complicated actions and can easily transport two bales at once. The 3 point linkage Aitchison® Agrispred® Bale feeder is a smart choice that will provide many years of trouble free use on your farm.

  • hot dip galvanised, or painted finish.
  • Large table
  • Heavier 5 tonne conveyor chain
  • Heavy Duty Hydraulic Motor
  • Two Bale Capacity / 2 Tonne
  • Plastic Cradle Bed
  • Left & Right Hand Feeding
  • Self Loading
  • Easy to use
Product Description Big Easy 3 point link Bale Feeder
Model ABF-2000
Capacity 2 Bales / up to 2 tonne total
Conveyor Drive Hydraulic Motor
Hydraulic Requirements 2 banks 2000psi minimum
Length 2.05m (with forks up)
Height 1.95m (with forks up)
Width 2.2m
Weight 650kg
Finish Painted (optional galvanized frame)

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